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Custom survey design and analysis

A key consideration in designing a survey is how you plan to use the results, and how you are going to measure the success of subsequent interventions. Our approach is to work with you at the initiation of your project to understand the objectives of your research. We can then tailor the survey and analysis to capture information that you can use effectively.

Employee wellbeing 

  • Retention of your best staff

  • Identifying organisational issues

  • Ideas on how to resolve them!

  • Improving business policies and processes

Casual Meeting


  • Organisational change readiness assessment

  • Employee response to change

  • Residual impact of COVID and its fallout on your business

  • ADKAR process


  • Identification of new customers

  • Retention of existing customers

  • Social and market trends

  • Corporate reputation

Crossing the Street

Social sustainability

  • Relationships between community and individual wellbeing

  • Impact of local support on isolation and loneliness

  • Neighbourhood cohesion 

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