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Alix Naylor BSc MSc
Chief Analyst and Trainer

Alix has more than a decade of experience undertaking statistical analysis for a diverse range of private and public sector organisations, in areas such as employee wellbeing, consumer satisfaction and intervention studies.


Her analysis of social sustainability in a London borough was published in The Journal of Sustainability Research. 

Alix is also an IBM-certified SPSS trainer.

Cliff Naylor PG Dip

A former analyst at GCHQ, Cliff is a certified project management and award-winning people change practitioner with more than 30 years' experience working with a range of local and international governmental organisations. 


Cliff specialised in human rights as a UK representative to the United Nations in New York and was also a consultant to law enforcement agencies on counter terrorism matters. 

(+44) 07444 692021 

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NRP Brambles HQ


The office

AKA 'Clix'

(+44) 07791 694155 

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