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What People's Health Trust said about our work with Social Life evaluating the impact of their programmes.

"Thank you, Alix and the team for a truly excellent and insightful report with lots of really valuable learning for us about the programmes and participants. It’s a testament to Social Life [and NRP] that we are still learning so much about the mechanisms in the theory of change and we’re already looking forward to Wave 4." See the Wave 3 report here



A significant proportion of our client base is specialist market research and social research companies. We enjoy long-standing relationships with leaders in these fields, such as Patient View, Lumivo and Social Life, for household names such as Spotify, Pfizer, Astra Zeneca, Barclays, Sony and Manchester City FC. We work with clients to maximise the value of data collected and provide expert statistical analysis to meet project requirements.


We also work directly with organisations requiring information on discrete business areas such as market rates or employee satisfaction; examples include MS Amlin and ISM.


Whether it is data we've collected on your behalf or from your own source, we will work with you to ensure insightful results that drive and inform business decisions.

  • Monitoring social and economic trends to inform policy development or marketing strategy

  • Identifying key drivers of employee wellbeing and satisfaction

  • Assessing readiness for - and reaction to - organisational change

  • Gathering vital intelligence on your current or potential customer base

  • Delivering bespoke training to improve your organisation's ability to understand and process data


We also have access to a wide range of datasets for relevant benchmarking and comparisons 

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